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These are the games I have worked on while studying for my Bachelor in Game Design. Some are published on GitHub for viewing, while others are currently closed-sourced. I have collaborated with different programmers on most games, with the exception of Dysthymia which was done on my own.


Dagurs Dungeon

First Person Text Dungeon Crawler

City Rush

Capture the Point Tower Defense

Made during the first semester at school, this game is a different twist on the tower defense genre where you need to capture tower points to take down the enemy wall - whilst the enemy is trying to do the same.

GitHub Link

In the second semester we were to make a game older than the oldest member in the project group - this is an attempt to re-create the dungeons found in early Ultima. Mixing a 3D world with text-based navigation!

YT Trailer

GitHub Link



First Person Jumpscare Horror


Forest Animal Adventure for tablets

Tablet game where children were given the role as one of the four large predators of Norway and they would have to complete quests to grow big enough to fight the big bad moose.

Currently on hold for some improvements before full release.

YT Trailer

A tribute to Pac-Man, this game is made in a horror setting where danger lurks around every corner.

This project is currently undergoing further development for a future full release. An early version was found on and got picked up by some YouTubers.

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Cancelled Projects

Row Shoot Repeat

VR Shoot-Em-Up

In our third semester we started to create a VR game that would be a shooter on rails, set on a boat in Hell.

Unlike other school projects this was worked on using Unreal Engine.

Sadly, due to a lack of development hardware and idea stagnation the project was cancelled.

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